Blessed be God who give us the time, grace, and health to do something for His glory alone

- Fr. Antonio Margil de Jesus

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Thank you for contributing to the life and message of Venerable Father Antonio Margil de Jesus. Your donation supports our ongoing efforts to promote and advance the mission of Fr. Margil.

Here are some of the ways your gift can be used by Margil House of Studies:

$25,000 will purchase a bronze statue of Fr. Margil to be placed at the “Eyes of Margil”

$10,000 allows Margil House of Studies to collaborate with a team of archeologists to find the site of Fr. Margil’s mission in Nacgodoches

$5,000 provides transportation and lodging for Mexican and Central American Franciscans to see the missions of Fr. Margil in East Texas and San Antonio.

$1,000 covers the printing of holy cards and informational material on Fr. Margil to be distributed throughout Texas and abroad for 6 months

$100 helps to distribute 10 books on the life of Fr. Margil to local libraries and seminaries


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