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Andrew Baird Linbeck

August 29, 1964 – November 8, 2017


It is with deep sorrow and sadness that we inform you that Andrew Linbeck has passed peacefully from this earth to a place of eternal rest where sickness and suffering have no name.

Andrew fought a courageous battle against stage IV pancreatic cancer and despite his intense pain and suffering, he was a witness and example of God's enduring mercy and radiant love. 

Andrew was instrumental to the success of the Margil House of Studies. His relentless zeal, fervent devotion and unwavering love of Fr. Margil inspired hundreds, if not thousands to seek and search for the divine and to hold on to what really matters in this life. Andrew's life mission embodied the message of Fr. Antonio Margil, which was one of humility, prayer, repentance and love.

While Fr. Margil did not grant Andrew a physical healing of the body, his prayers were not unanswered nor went unheard. Fr. Margil gave Andrew and his loved ones an even greater miracle – a saintly and peaceful death. Fr. Margil himself said:


O Our Lady of Sorrows,

Grant that at the moment of death,

We may surrender our souls to God

Through thy most holy hands.


Whoever seeks to follow God

And strives to enter into His glory.

One thing he must do and say with all his heart:

Die rather than sin.

Rather than sin, die!

To know that Andrew was welcomed home to heaven and is now counted among the saints is the biggest and best miracle anyone could ask for. While his earthly presence and life will be greatly missed, we now have a friend who is with Christ and who will continue to console and lift our spirits. 

Andrew's legacy will continue to live on through the Margil House of Studies and his devotion and passion for this great cause will never be forgotten.

Our thoughts and prayers extend to the entire Linbeck family and to Andrew's numerous friends and colleagues. 

Our postulator, Fr. Miguel will be offering nine days of masses in the Margil mission church, Nuestra Señora de Gudalupe in Zacatecas, México for the repose of Andrew's soul and for his family and friends.

With great admiration, love and gratitude for a life gone before us.

- Elizabeth

Elizabeth Martinez
Executive Director


To enjoy God there is an eternity given to us; but to perform some service for God and to do some good to our brethren, the time for that is very short.

- Venerable Father Antonio Margil de Jesus

In lieu of flowers, Andrew requested donations be made to the Margil House of Studies.

– Thank you for your generosity –

antonio margil de jesus  |  1657 to 1726 a.d.


Who was Fr. Margil?

Carrying only a prayer book, staff and knapsack of items to say mass, Fr. Margil walked more than 2,500 miles barefoot traversing mountains, jungles and rivers. He established dozens of churches and missions throughout Central America, Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. This servant of God was characterized by his extreme humility and his love of human kind.

He was named Venerable by Pope Gregory XI in 1836.

He is currently under promotion for the cause of canonization,
and several miracles have been attributed to his intercession. 

What would the angels be without God? Nothing. What would Mary Most Holy be without God? Nothing. What would the humanity of Christ be without God? Nothing. Without God, in fact, all of us are nothing, nothing, nothing!
— Fr. Margil de Jesus

a humble servant of god

The Missions
of Fr. Margil

Fr. Margil founded many missions throughout Central America, Mexico, Texas and Louisiana.  In his 69 years of life, Fr. Margil did more than most of his contemporaries dreamed of doing. Although he encountered danger and peril wherever he went,  he had unwavering trust in God, steadfast love for his fellow sisters and brothers and joy for his calling. Learn about the dozens of missions he founded as he traversed rivers, mountains and vast countryside barefoot to spread the Good News.

Below are the missions Fr. Margil established in East Texas alone:



Mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Nacogdoches, Texas

Mission Concepcion

Western Nacogdoches County, Texas



Mission Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de los Ais

San Augustine, Texas


Mission San Jose 


San Antonio, Texas


Mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe by the Bay

Present-day Goliad, Texas

Let us respond to Jesus with pure love, proving it by our works, as Jesus showed His love for us by His deeds and not with fine words.
— Fr. Margil de Jesus
Blessed be God who give us the time, grace, and
health to do something for His glory alone.
— Fr. Antonio Margil de Jesus


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